Born in Sydney, Australia. Couldn’t wait to leave school and work in radio (no television, way back when). Started as a panel operator at 2CH – playing 78 rpm’s and the very occasional microgroove. Promoted to AWA Studios as a sound mixer – choosing music and effects for radio productions recorded straight to 16″ master discs.

1955 Recording “When A Girl Marries”

At AWA, he worked on Rocky Starr Space Cadet, When a Girl Marries, The Air Adventures of Biggles, The Big Squeeze.

1957, Following National Service joined 2UE, as a production mixer. Productions include: The Lux Radio Theatre, Davy Crockett (King of the Wild Frontier), Three’s A Crowd with Michael Bentine. With the birth of television in Australia, joined ATN7 as sound mixer.

1959 Sydney as Sonic Laboratories – recording a wedding with Robert Parker (foreground) photo taken by the wedding photographer as the bride’s dress had to be urgently repaired

With school friend, Robert Parker, formed Sonic Laboratories, making jazz and wedding recordings.

1959 14th Australian Jazz Convention, Cootamundra, December
Shot silent – sold to Cinesound Review newsreel and later to the ABC Australia. This is the edit from the ABC. Music added from the LP recorded at the time.

1959, employed by advertising agency Lintas as television producer.

Agency Producer Hans von Adlerstein directing a Kelloggs commercial. Stefan supervising a Remington shot at TCN9

1960, moved to J. Walter Thompson – spots for: The Australian Women’s Weekly, Coca-Cola, Remington, Arnotts. Kellogg’s… Agency producer for TCN9′s Bandstand. Made titles and pop video while at JWT and continued as a freelance filmmaker based t the TV station.

1963 – Pop video for TCN9 Bandstand – singer Col Joye with my lens – 16mm Bolex with Magna Moviola 8mm audio recorder/player – a flexible cable drives the camera.

Two years in London UK (’64 & ’65). Employed first at ITN and later BBC Studios Ealing. Cameraman: Shot 16mm & 35mm film on Mitchell and Arriflex cameras.

shooting BBC feature “Debussy” with director Ken Russell – talent Oliver Reed is out of sight – 1964

Film editor:The Wars of the Roses directed by Peter Hall. Shot The Australian Londoners for NINE Network Project ’65

Return to Australia. Freelance cameraman/ director/ editor: TCN9, ABC2, TEN10, Lintas, The Galloping Gourmet, Film Australia. Ampol, Vincent APC. Series of documentaries for NINE Network’s Project ’66

shooting a TCN9 documentary on Gold at Hill End, Australia. The presenter, Rolf Harris, has the Sennheiser MD421 mike and Nagra III recorder.

1967 Bandstand goes to New Zealand. Stefan is on a speedboat losing his balance.

1968 “The Change at Groote” Won Australian Film Institute’s Best Film, Australian Film Editor’s Guild Best Editor

Committee member of The Australian Arts Council for the Arts. Offered Harkness Fellowship.

1969, return to UK. Made films for BP, Esso, Mobil, Barclays Bank, IBM, Xerox,

1971, shooting a documentary on Arab horses at Guinness Estate, UK

1972 Tricia on Nagra – shooting Graham Kerr “The Galloping Gourmet”

1973 Founded Molinare with Tricia Rose and Robert Parker

1979 Press release mug shot for Molinare share placement

1980 frame grab from Molinare showreel – Tricia, Cissy & Stefan foreground

1983 Filmmaker again. Clients: ICI, BBC, Apple, Dept. of the Army, Dept. Education and Science, The Royal Television Society, the Hawley Group, Kraft, Gillette, Shell.

1984 “Directed” Alveston Kitchens TV commercial

1986 Wrote, directed and edited 73 screen videowall The Golden Box.

1990 Spitfire Television Showreel

frame from the Spitfire Television Showreel

The making of The Story of Jazz: New Orleans Stomp.

Stefan passed away peacefully on 2018-04-13 surrounded by family. With love,