a blog – I’d better write something ….

I wrote a kind of a blog for DV Mag. for over 10 years. They paid me – usually 550 words and later 1,300 words for $725.00

it was very honest, as many of my featured subjects were dead and could not complain

My three part story on launching the Matthew Turner – never got paid, they owed me 3 x $725.00, that’s a lot …

well, to be correct, it finally did get paid – but it took a whole 10 months and a stream of emails and later phone calls – so I quit, who needs this kind of aggro?

pity as I enjoyed the 10 years – but non payment and months of emails and calls is a downer


at the moment I’m editing my ship film

Call of the Sea – I call it “carry on building” – in 2012 when I started, it was meant to take two years. Oh yeah …

The upside, now, I have a good six months plus to edit and tweak as much as I want – no hurry, no deadlines …

Here we are in March 2018 with another 6 months before the ship sails with young people. You know it could be in 2019.

So to – I carry on …

My youngest got married in NYC in Oct. 2017

My darling Tricia and her sister Norma, flew off to Mexico City the day after the event – I set out alone to Pompano beach with a MacPro and 15″ iPad. Florida was cold and windy. Disappointing – forget Florida in October.

At the hotel room, I’d edit in 2D and try to take an hour out of the existing over long edit.

Then I met them coming back from Mexico at Fort Lauderdale airport.

Now, after about five months of non productive chaos (don’t ask), I have a new MacPro black cylinder and can conform my Pompano Beach Oct. 2D edit into a real 3D edit.

It’s a manageable one hour and 40 mins. Looking good. High hopes.

more to come ..


this is the MORE – March 18

I think I’ve spent another 2 or 3 days editing

my fault – it’s a real mess – there are six years of rushes – mostly called “untitled ” – the good news is that the cameras (plural as I have eight 3D cameras) auto date info

so untitled 3 becomes Jan 14, 2015 – shooting in 3D is a pain but still Jan 14 will be there both left & right shots – maybe on three cameras too

while all this stuff is really hidden to the viewer it’s a pain for me

today I finally cracked the opening – I had  cut it in 2D way back in October in Fort Lauderdale – 3D is SO HARD – but it works – I keep watching the same 3D opening as it is IMHO so good

today I cut out the whisky plank seq. – gone, a brave thing to do – it was really good but something had to go – maybe it could be a DVD extra

I replaced by a song and funny visuals

one hour 40 mins is a long stretch and not many docs make it

Searching for Sugarman did – almost

Dark Nights – got there – so too Mad Hot Ballroom and Exit through the Gift shop – all terrific

Man on Wire (boring and fake), Icarus (yawn), Particle Fever (OMG what a mess) failed

I’m trying hard to help the viewer survive 1 hr 40 – there’s lots of breathing space punctuated but an OMG moment ever 10 minutes

I expect one or two tearful moments (not a dry eye in the audience) not many docs achieve that – Michael Jackson’s This it did – well for me

“I cried when I wrote this song” (Steely Dan – Deacon Blues)

me too – I cry every time to see my Matthew Turner movie